Zenfolio | The Frozen Moment Photography Studio | Deathwatch Librarian, Iron Snakes Chapter
A customized librarian model to represent a character for the RPG "Deathwatch" produced by Fantasy Flight Games.

Chapter background (from Lexicanum http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Iron_Snakes):

The first days of the Iron Snakes are difficult to pin down; reportedly a Second Founding chapter, their Legion of origin is unknown. Although they pay respect to Roboute Guilliman, it is uncertain if they are an Ultramarine descendant, particularly as they are a non-Codex Chapter.[Needs Citation] The current Chapter Master, Seydon, is the eighteenth to bear that title since the foundation of the Iron Snakes.[Needs Citation]
The first-ever squad-leaders of the Chapter have become immortalized within its ranks, as their names have been retained as the official designation of the squads they first led. Every squad in the Chapter is therefore known by the name of its first commander and careful attention is paid to recording the deeds of each squad and the glory they have accumulated.[Needs Citation] Over the centuries, several squads judged to have accumulated particularly impressive and glorious histories became referred to as "Notable" squads and are seen as the pre-eminent units in the entire Chapter. There are at least five Notable squads within the Iron Snakes: Skypio, Parthus, Veii, Thebes and Damocles. Skypio is the senior squad of the entire chapter and is the closest thing to a Codex First Company the Iron Snakes could be said to have.
The Iron Snakes recruit from Ithaka, a world largely covered in very deep oceans home to a variety of sea-life, including the great Wyrms. Ithaka does possess significant landmass, including tropical islands and viciously cold polar regions. Iron Snakes are therefore able to train in a number of environments, although the sea is most precious to them, to the point where each marine carries a vial of Ithakan seawater with him when on active duty, and with which he anoints the soil of any other planet he steps on. Their actual Fortress-Monastery is located on Ithaka's moon, Karybdis, and features a great bell as large as a Space Marine Drop Pod.[1]