Zenfolio | The Frozen Moment Photography Studio | Garviel Loken, Luna Wolves 10th Company Captain
Based on the horus heresy series, and scratch built, this model portrays one of the main characters from the Luna Wolves chapter, Garviel Loken, captain of the 10th company of the Luna Wolves.

Character background (From Lexicanum, http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Garviel_Loken):
"Loken fought to the last as a loyal servant of the Emperor and refused to give any quarter to those who had betrayed the Emperor in favour of Horus. After witnessing the death of Tarik Torgaddon at the hands of Horus Aximand he was wounded on Isstvan III by his old comrade Ezekyle Abaddon, and was believed to have perished in the final orbital bombardment of the planet, along with the last surviving loyalists[3]. Loken and Torgaddon's deaths (supposed in the case of former) marked the removal of one of the final obstacles to Horus' great ambitions."