Metal games workshop figure of chapter master Pedro Kantor of the Crimson Fists chapter.

Character background (From Lexicanum,

Pedro Kantor is first mentioned during the Battle of Melchitt Sound, when he was a sergeant. Leading a boarding party, Kantor disabled an Orkish cruiser, winning the day for the Imperial fleet.[Needs Citation]
Kantor would continue to rise in rank over the next 200 years, often side by side with the legendary Captain Cortez. They both participated in campaigns such as Steel Cross, the defense of Fortress Maladon and the Kardian Campaign.[Needs Citation]
He was promoted to chapter master in 900.M41, (indicating that Kantor is approximately 350 years old) and was one of the few surviving Crimson Fists when the fortress-monastery was destroyed during the Ork invasion of Rynn's World in 989.M41. Kantor was on the outskirts of the monastery doing routine inspection, and he quickly gathered up the survivors and marched to New Rynn City. Here they linked up with the other Crimson Fists survivors and the PDF, and managed to defeat the main Ork force.[Needs Citation]
The decision to conserve ones forces rather than strike at an opponent with all the might one can muster is a difficult one for a proud Space Marine. A bold military operation would probably have destroyed any hopes of rebuilding the chapter, so Kantor had to use his forces in smaller operations where the elite Space Marines could inflict maximum damage for a minimal loss of manpower. Even after the winning the war, Kantor had to do his utmost to keep the High Lords of Terra from disbanding the chapter due to the extensive losses.[Needs Citation]
Kantor is still Chapter Master and the Crimson Fists are almost at half their original strength as of 999.M41, according to the Black Library book, Crimson Tears.