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Metal Games Workshop figure, Captain Sicarius, of the Ultramarines chapter.

Character background (From Lexicanum, http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Cato_Sicarius):

Born into one of Talassar's ascendant houses, Sicarius, as soon as he came of age, trained in various forms of martial arts common in Talassi nobility. His combat prowess became a major factor in his inclusion in the Ultramarines. Sicarius excelled at his training and claimed many commendations, quickly rising through the ranks of his martial arts community.
Sicarius eventually rose to the rank of Sergeant, later becoming the honorary Knight Champion of Macragge, and then the Captain of the Fifth Company and Master Of The Marches.[6]
Due to the death of First Captain Saul Invictus and the complete destruction of the his First Company at the Battle for Macragge, the Second Company's Captain, Severus Agemman, was promoted to rebuild and lead the First Company. Subsequently, Sicarius was promoted in Agemman's place as the new Second Company Captain, while Caito Galenus succeeded Sicarius as the new Fifth Company Captain.