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Please be sure to visit http://maggy-marsh.artistwebsites.com or by clicking on the "Specialty Gallery" link on the top of the page. You will find more of our prints available on the sister site, while portfolios of work are prevalent here.

Photography started in 2001, and the online studio was established 2007.

We, as a people are surrounded by art. While one person may see the same, every day monotonous object, the next may see an ideal composition for a photograph, or may sit and sketch minute details for hours on end. I try to take every day and find something special about it, in the media I feel best shows what I am trying to capture. Wherever I go I have a camera tucked away, or a sketchbook and pencils in hand, just because you never know. Sit in the woods, and sure enough, an animal will appear, take a walk through a busy city, or along the waterfront, something is bound to strike you. It all depends on your artistic senses, what you deem is worthy of your time. At times, this may be something as simple as a leaf, other times a bustling corner in the middle of any city you can think of. Maybe as the sun sets, it provides a beautiful backdrop for something that you didn’t notice at all during the day. One never knows when an artistic moment may happen. Idly walking about, capturing things others may miss, simply by not looking up, or down is one of my favourite past times. I have brilliant colorful images, as well as the simplistic black and white, depending on how the image spoke to me when I worked with it, completing the last step before printing it or putting it on my website for the masses to see. When an image is completed, I like to feel that it has a story behind it; drawing the viewer into it, with all luck, they see the particular beauty I saw when I took the shot.

Limited editions of some prints available by request, please email for information.

Viewers are respectfully reminded my works are copyright protected. Please come back and visit often, we put at least 1 new piece up a week.

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