Update from Gov'r Jindal outlining the disaster preparations already in place

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Noticed this a little bit ago, the press release from the Governor's office regarding the current state of affairs in relation to Hurricane Isaac.



Waiting on a..Storm? Progression of Isaac

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Good Afternoon all!

Still haven't seen much worse weather at this point. The cloud cover has darkened significantly, but the clouds haven't burst open yet. The temperature is a slight bit cooler, coming in around 83 last I checked, and the wind is still fairly brisk. I've added several more shots to see the cloud progression and colour changes, but other than that, nothing has really changed. Everyone nearby appears to be properly prepped to wait out whatever may come, which is a refreshing change from some of the postings I have seen on Facebook.


~Cheers everyone!

Slide show starts with the most current images and goes down to the oldest! Enjoy, and don't forget to check out all of our other photography from across the US, and lots of animals at www.thefrozenmomentstudio.com or www.thefrozenmomentstudio.zenfolio.com




See the new photographs!


Next update: ~1800 CDT 28 August 2012


And, again, for the most current, offical storm information don't forget to visit:

The Weather Channel


The Government Weather Website

Isaac's Been officially declared a Hurricane!

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While this isn't exactly something to jump for joy over, it's ended the tropical storm/hurricane debate when Isaac is discussed. As of approximately 1130 CDT it's officially been determined to be a hurricane. Because of this, I stepped out to see how much the sky had changed since this morning, since I had some laundry to do, I got some shots around 1000 as well, but waited to post them until later. With the growing number of images, you can see the progression from clear skies, to the darker clouds, but at that point, thats all. No rain yet, no high winds, and so forth. Just some more clouds.

Next update: ~1600 CDT 28 August 2012, unless major change occur again.

Morning Weather Update while waiting for Hurricane Isaac 2012

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Good Morning World!

As promised, I am keeping you up to date on the weather conditions as Hurricane Isaac approaches the coast. Weather conditions haven't changed much from yesterday, so far. The skies are a bright blue colour, and there are now some puffy clouds that are dotting the skies, but the wind has picked up a little bit. Nothing major at this point, but the wind picking up is rather noticable.

Did the proper thing last night, and went to Wal-Mart. You know, the bane of human existance, nobody really does like to shop there but it's in fact, a necessary evil. Picked up some supplies so I can eat if we lose power, water to drink, toilet paper and paper towels, you know the usual stuff. Also made sure and checked the flashlights worked BEFORE the trip so I could pick up batteries if necessary. Yep, found the flashlights..Always a good sign. Made sure we had food and litter for the kitty as well..Can't have Artemis unable to eat, even though I swear if you leave anything unattended she will eat it faster than any dog I ever had (No.. I don't let my cat have table scraps, by any means, but she tries her hardest to steal off with something from my plate on a daily basis).

So, without further adieu, I present the link to the folder I am using for the duration of the hurricane watching! I am placing the most current images in the forefront of the gallery, so currently it will show it them in descending rather than ascending order. Once the weather worsens, I will switch it around so you can see the build up.

In case the slide show doesn't work right for you, the folder link: The Calm Before The Storm, Waiting on Hurricane Isaac 2012




Weathering out the current "Tropical Storm" Isaac

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As you will notice, I am based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Yep, right in the middle of the State of Emergency that has been declared for Louisiana. So far, the weather's good, it's actually sunny and warm so far right now, around 85 degrees. I am stocked up and prepared for the impending weather, now simply just waiting to see what happens. Thought I'd take a moment to update on the conditions, and what's been going on so far.


- State offices are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Louisiana State University isn't having classes on Tuesday or Wednesday.

- The Mall of Louisiana has shortened hours tomorrow, and is closed on Wednesday.

- Much farther south, around New Orleans Parish area, there have already been mandatory evacuations issued.

- Most businesses are closed tomorrow, and some on Wednesday also.

- Traffic's horrible. No bones about it. People seem to lose the ability to stop and think properly when major disasters happen. This time, the governor is being pre-emptive about events and there's a large number of buses, coaches, and other methods of transportation to assist in the evacuations in the lower parishes.

- All of the coastal state parks are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Gas has jumped up .15 in the past 36 hours, to (last I saw, 3.65/gallon). Lines are present at every station, a lot of them were out of fuel Sunday night (seems as though they received shipments though, as a lot of them have fuel once again) and people aren't thinking very clearly when it comes to lines at the pumps, as they are cascading them out into  oncoming traffic and causing huge blockages/hazards in several high traffic areas.


I am planning on getting pictures about every twelve hours to keep an update on the storm, making it more frequent updates as the storm nears (even if I lose power, I will have the pictures and will get them up as soon as power's back on)! So, keep stay tuned for shots of the sky showing the changing conditions, and updates!


Storm updates can be found at the following links

The Weather Channel's Gulf Coast: State by State Preparations

Facebook: Hurricane Isaac Updates

Government Weather Page


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